Record number of artworks for CirculArt

8 February 2023

The jury of the CirculArt National Plastic Arts Contest, organised by Landbell Group company, ERP Spain, has selected the 16 finalist artworks that will compete in this second edition for the four regional prizes and the national award. The selected works will be exhibited at the Ateneo de Málaga (Andalusia) from January 23 to February 24.

The jury’s decision was not an easy one, as this year a total of 324 works were submitted to the competition in the four participating regions: Andalusia, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, and Castilla La Mancha. In terms of participation, that’s an increase of 124% over last year.

“The great success of this edition exceeds all our expectations and reinforces our conviction that art continues to be an excellent way to communicate the importance of the correct management of our waste. The great artistic and environmental sensitivity of the works presented in this edition has made it very difficult for the jury to select the finalists, so we would like to congratulate and thank all the participating artists,” explains Laura Alonso from ERP Spain, the organiser of the art contest.

The selected works delve, using different artistic techniques, into the reality of waste, drawing attention to the impact it has on our society. From photographs printed with natural inks or on recycled paper, to sculptures and collages made from materials commonly found in our garbage, via paintings full of symbolism that explore the dichotomy between economic development and respect for nature, the works highlight a society marked by the excessive generation of waste.

For more information on the award and the 16 finalists, please visit the ERP Spain website.