10th Green Alley Award celebrates circularity

7 May 2024

The London-based startup PulpaTronics has won this year’s Green Alley Award, Europe’s first award for circular economy startups.

The young company has developed chip-free, metal-free RFID tags made from paper, which do not require metal extraction and are more cost-effective and compatible with existing recycling processes.

As part of the award ceremony on 25 April, in Berlin, all six finalists presented their business concepts to the audience and jury in live pitches and PulpaTronics came out on top with their future-proof and affordable inventory solution.

What the winner and award initiator had to say

Chloe So, founder and CEO of PulpaTronics, was delighted to receive the award:

“With our innovative laser technology, a conductive circuit is applied directly to the paper, which simplifies the manufacturing process and eliminates the need for metal and silicon components. This significantly reduces the ecological footprint of RFID tag production. We will use the prize money to further develop our product, strengthen our market position and actively participate in a future-oriented circular economy.”

Jan Patrick Schulz, CEO of Landbell Group and initiator of the awards, commented:

“PulpaTronics is a true pioneer in their field. What particularly impressed us about their technology was that companies are offered a more efficient and future-proof solution, reducing environmental impact and facilitating the tracking of paper-based disposables. Ten years ago, we brought the Green Alley Award to life to promote companies that are tackling the challenges of the circular economy. We are very proud to be able to support innovative startups like Pulpatronics, which can make a significant contribution to the sustainable transformation of our economy and at the same time help protect our climate.”

The tenth anniversary of the prize

For a decade, the Green Alley Award has stood at the forefront of supporting the circular economy, establishing itself as a leading platform for startups that are committed to a circular future. Since its inception, it has awarded over one million euros in funding.

Check out the Green Alley Award website for more information and images from the final.