H2 Compliance expands its takeback service

5 April 2023

Landbell Group company, H2 Compliance currently provides product takeback services for several major clients in the United States and Canada. These products include most electronics, such as computers, monitors, printers, servers, telephones, and other specialty electronics.

The company also provides these services to customers in the medical and laboratory industry, transporting, and recycling many large devices, such as spectrometers, chromatographs, solvent extractors, ultrasound machines, and pill dispensers.

H2 Compliance has increased its supplier network this year from ten recycling facilities to over twenty, which gives much better coverage in the US. This not only reduces costs to clients, but it also reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as the facilities are closer to clients’ locations.

The company has taken a strategic approach to these partnerships as current and future clients will have different needs. That’s why it has added facilities that specialise in complete destruction of their material and others that are asset management focused and will maximise value for clients.

If clients require complete destruction, the network has suppliers that will keep the recyclable commodities out of landfill and back into the production stream where they belong. If they are looking for asset management or reuse, it also has suppliers that maximise the return on client’s investment.

Recently, H2 Compliance is receiving more enquiries for logistics services and, consequently, the company has formed partnerships with three new logistics providers this year.

For more information on recycling services in North America, please contact us.