GPS tracking of e-waste in reverse supply chain can help to ensure high treatment standards

Landbell Group ensures that producers of electronic appliances not only comply with existing takeback regulations, but also that voluntary takeback initiatives adhere to the highest treatment standards. This commitment safeguards sustainable end-of life (EoL) treatment for electronic appliances.

The reverse supply chain for e-waste is a hot topic of discussion nowadays because of the rising need to ensure proper disposal when appliances are no longer in use.

Unfortunately, cases of leaks along the reverse supply chain for e-waste are regularly reported. E-waste is tracked to the black market in several countries or even shipped illegally to other low-income countries for cheaper disposal or for sale as second-hand goods.

The impact of leakage along the e-waste reverse supply chain can contribute to:

  • environmental pollution and damage to health in low-income countries
  • exposure of private, sensitive data if data storing parts are involved
  • a breach of the recycling contract for the material

Leakage has recently come under scrutiny by producers, NGOs, civil societies and even government authorities in a joint effort to uphold proper recycling, while combating illegal waste disposal.

Reference cases have made the news where small GPS units are implanted in e-waste before the material enters the reverse supply chain. The physical location of the material is therefore registered and recorded in real time. While this technique is not new, it is now being used much more widely.

At Landbell Group, we rely on the professionalism of our logistics service providers, sorting sites and recyclers. Through this trustful partnership, plus regular audits, our reverse supply chain is well secured and remains compliant with the client’s EoL specification.

That is why we support GPS tracking devices implanted in e-waste by third parties. Their use can only affirm and complement our commitment towards extended producer responsibility.

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