Landbell Group and over 150 stakeholders commit to EPR

“I am convinced that the transition towards a circular economy is achieved best when applying the principle of extended producer responsibility (EPR). From our extensive experience operating producer responsibility organisations (PROs), we know that EPR schemes act as an interface between multiple actors. This enables PROs to organise dedicated and sufficient funding to finance the required infrastructure for the ongoing collection and recycling of waste packaging, while simultaneously raising awareness among consumers and producers.”

With these words, CEO Jan Patrick Schulz explained why Landbell Group is among the endorsers of the statement on EPR, which was initiated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

More than 150 companies and organisations from the packaging sector have jointly declared their support for a broader implementation of EPR to stop packaging pollution. Without EPR, the collection and recycling of packaging cannot be meaningfully scaled.

The endorsers emphasise that mandatory EPR systems, in which all producers and distributors of packaging provide funding, are the only proven solution for financing the collection and recycling of packaging.

Compared to alternatives such as public funding, EPR systems also have the advantage of being efficient and transparent and of providing the right incentives for improving packaging solutions.

With the statement, the endorsers also commit to working constructively with governments and other stakeholders to improve the implementation of EPR schemes.

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