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7 June 2021

If your company is active on multiple markets, then it will face challenges complying with extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations for batteries, electronic goods and packaging – along with different obligations in many countries.

These obligations include complex and time-consuming registration processes, as well as contractual agreements, with producer compliance schemes, authorised representatives, and the relevant national authorities. Failure to register can result in high penalties and the risk that products will be excluded from sale in the EU.

Producing accurate EPR reports is also essential to ensuring that your company stays compliant and correctly manages costs. Data processing, management and classification are key to this process.

To help your company and other multinational producers, Landbell Group is expanding its global reach and making it easier for customers to contact us and access our services.

That is why we have recently updated the Chinese and Japanese websites for European Recycling Platform and introduced new contact forms on our websites.

Furthermore, our online EASy-Shop for packaging compliance is now available in English, French, German, Italian and Polish.

We are here to help companies like yours manage their EPR obligations globally, by ensuring market access and stripping costs and complexity from compliance.

We do this by offering international quotations and agreements for multiple countries and services, and providing digital resources for compliance, takeback and data management.

For more information on our international services, please contact us.