The German startup, traceless materials won the 7th Green Alley Award, taking home the prize money of 25,000 euros and a unique trophy, made of recycled industry materials.

On 22nd April 2021, more than 160 circular economy enthusiasts waited excitedly in front of their screens for the announcement of this year’s award winner.

Despite the tough competition, traceless materials, a female-founded startup from Hamburg convinced the jury with its biobased home-compostable alternative to single-use plastic.

Traceless materials claims to have invented a material that is one step ahead of other bioplastics on the market today. Thanks to the special technology, agricultural industry residues are transformed into a sustainable alternative to film, hard plastic packaging or plastic coating. The result is an all-natural material that is not only completely bio-based but can also be composted in your organic waste bin within two to nine weeks.

Anne Lamp, CEO and founder of traceless materials, expressed her joy at winning the award and explained how the startup will use the prize money of 25,000 euros:

“The Green Alley Award helps us to raise awareness of our innovative alternative to plastic – designed for nature. Our goal is to establish traceless as an ingredient brand, creating awareness and demand for our uniquely sustainable material solution among end consumers. One step on the way to gaining their trust and achieving recognition for traceless materials is through certificates and education. And this is what we want to use the prize money for.”

For more news on Europe’s first circular economy startup prize, please visit the Green Alley Award website.