Spanish artists show us the impact of the linear economy


The CirculArt virtual exhibition brings together 40 pieces of art that raise awareness of the importance of the circular economy.


What better way to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and the proper management of waste than through the human creation that truly engages all our senses: art.


With a focus on reusing waste as resources, 100 Spanish artists submitted their sculptures, paintings, collages, photographs and art installations to the first CirculArt Visual Arts Competition, organised by Landbell Group company, ERP Spain.


“We want to be actively involved in this much-needed raising of awareness about recycling and help to inspire the changes needed in society,” explains Laura Alonso, managing director of ERP Spain. “The arts are the very best route to do this. CirculArt was launched to cast light on and awaken a transformative vision of society, which drives forward a new model based on the circular economy.”


The award jury – made up of representatives from the contest organisers and artists Miquel Aparici and Santi Flores – selected 40 works from among the 120 pieces submitted to the competition. The works were displayed at a physical exhibition in Madrid.


This selection of artworks can now be viewed, until 31 December, anywhere and anytime, at the virtual exhibition created for this purpose.


Artist Mario Boccolini walked away with the first prize for his sculpture, Simbiosis Naturaleza Hombre (Nature-Man Symbiosis). In the artist’s words, the work symbolises “the union that has always existed between human beings and nature”.


“We are very pleased with the outcome of this first edition of CirculArt,” concludes Laura Alonso. “Not only because of the wake-up calls issued by the pieces on the impact of waste in our society, but also because of the high quality of the artworks. There were 12 pieces that received prizes or honourable mentions, but it was a really tough decision, given the astounding level of all the works and installation pieces submitted.”


For further information, and to see the full list of winners, please visit the ERP Spain website.


Landbell Group company, ERP Spain provides WEEE and batteries compliance for producers in Spain


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