The outlook for the photovoltaic (PV) industry looks sunny again, but companies should not forget their future recycling obligations

6 July 2021

The next five years will see a strong increase in PV installations in Europe with distributors and manufacturers of modules, inverters and PV batteries set to benefit from this positive trend.

Next to wind energy, photovoltaics is the main pillar of the energy transition in Europe. The European Green Deal raises CO2 emission reduction targets in EU countries, which is helping to drive the expansion of PV systems.

New markets are emerging in the EU, such as Poland, Portugal and Ireland, while big and mature markets like Germany, Italy and Spain are taking off again after a difficult period of stagnation.

As the number of PV retirements increases over the next decades, recycling is also becoming an important topic of conversation.

Manufacturers are legally obliged to take care of future recycling and can hand over this duty to producer compliance schemes.

Landbell Group runs more approved compliance schemes than any other organization globally. We offer quick and simple registration and reporting, as well as competitive solutions for manufacturers and distributors of PV components. We can also help your company to fulfil its WEEE, battery and packaging obligations across Europe and internationally.

As the trusted partner of more than 32,000 customers, we provide solid financial stability for future recycling costs and help manufacturers to overcome market entry barriers. We also organise bespoke takeback programmes to recover maximum value from reusable components.

This is how we are contributing to the transition to a new, carbon-neutral and circular economy and how we are helping our members to avoid the risks of being non-compliant.

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