Landbell Group’s new online information service for EPR does the hard work for you!

After last year’s successful launch of the At-a-Glance, In-Depth and Customized regulatory tracking reports, Landbell Group has now released a new product: a web-based regulatory information service called the Knowledge Database (KDB).

In just a few clicks, the KDB provides information on core producer requirements, resulting from EPR-type legislation for EEE, batteries and packaging, such as:

  • product design
  • consumer information
  • take-back compliance options, and the
  • related registration and reporting obligations

On a monthly basis, the KDB sends all users a list of the updates that have occurred during that period, keeping them continually informed of the recent legal changes.

The KDB covers five regions: Europe; Asia Pacific; Middle East and Africa; Latin America and the Caribbean; with North America set to be added by the end of this year.

The database now provides detailed, up-to-date regulatory information for currently more than 130 countries worldwide – and the number of countries is steadily growing.

A licence to the KDB ensures continuous access to the most recent regulatory changes. The information is presented in the same structure as the reports and users can select the information that they want to access by waste stream (WEEE, batteries and/or packaging) and region (one region, two regions or global access). They can also choose between two subscription periods: 12 or 24 months.

Check out our new video on the KDB:

KDB: our Knowledge Database from Landbell Group on Vimeo.

Find out more about the KDB here.

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