In order to keep track with the growing number of requirements and legal obligations that obligated companies face, Landbell Group offers orientation in the form of Regulatory Tracking Reports.


The legal requirements for environmental compliance change regularly. In addition, more and more countries are following the European regulatory approach and tighten up their legal provisions. As a result, the regulatory challenges that producers face at the global level are increasing. With those increasing regulatory, financing and reporting obligations, they need to keep track of everything at all times, in a variety of different languages.


Landbell Groups’ Regulatory Tracking Reports offers a solution


  • The reports provide an overview on laws, regulations and essential information on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).
  • They give a summary of the legal status quo as well as a breakdown of producer obligations in terms of product design, labelling, user information and take-back (registration, reporting and available EPR options).
  • The reports cover the waste streams of WEEE, batteries and packaging and are available for more than 100 countries


The reports are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.


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