But ERP UK is ready to help companies be prepared for April 2022

From April 2022, the UK government will introduce a tax on plastic packaging which is manufactured or imported into the UK with a recycled content of less than 30%.

A £200 per tonne tax will apply to any plastic packaging which contains less than 30% recycled content.

Additionally, even if your business only handles plastic with more than 30% recycled content, you may still be required to register for the tax – if you manufacture/import more than 10 tonnes of plastic packaging in the UK.

To help businesses that handle plastic packaging to familiarise themselves with the tax and its requirements, ERP UK has developed some useful resources:

  • a new Plastic Packaging Tax section on its website where you will find everything you need to know about the tax, plus a short web enquiry form should you require further assistance
  • a new service from ERP UK’s Data Services team, which it has developed to fulfil the reporting requirements of the Plastic Packaging Tax

Building on ERP UK’s extensive data collection and reporting experience for the Packaging Waste Regulations, the new service will support businesses affected by the new tax.

If you have any questions about the plastic packaging tax and how it will affect your company, please contact ukplasticpackagingtax@erp-recycling.org or visit the dedicated webpage here.

For general information on the tax, please visit the UK government website.

Landbell Group company, ERP UK provides WEEE, batteries and packaging compliance – plus data services – for producers in the UK.

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