Landbell Group forges closer ties with Japan

Landbell Group has recently teamed up with the consultancy, TH International, a company that specialises in developing business and communication between the European Union and Japan. TH International now represent Landbell Group in Japan, where they are using their longstanding knowledge and experience to promote the group’s services and develop business links.

This autumn, TH International is organising an online seminar for Japanese SMEs with the city governments of Tokyo, Ota-Ku. The seminar primarily focuses on the themes of the European packaging and packaging waste directive, new business development, and intercultural communication. Two more seminars will follow with the city governments of Osaka and Yokohama in 2021.

The seminar will explore the diversity of regulations implemented by EU member states within the Directive. It will also explain how Landbell Group’s online services, such as EASy-Shop and Regulatory Tracking Reports, can help businesses in Japan to fulfil their extended producer responsibility obligations quickly and easily.

Landbell Group is committed to simplifying the compliance process  ̶  and making it more accessible  ̶  for as many companies as possible, all over the world. For more information on the seminars and panellists, please visit the TH International website or contact us.

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