The 26th Packaging Waste and Sustainability Forum, one of the largest and most important events on packaging waste in Europe, took place from 23 to 25 September. Landbell Group took part in the event, which was held online.

The presentation by Olivier De Clercq, the policy officer at the Directorate-General for Environment – the European Commission department responsible for EU policy on the environment – was highly anticipated. De Clercq, who is responsible for drafting the EPR guidelines, presented the current draft of the guidance and mentioned that the document could be published in November (see detailed article here).

The presentation by Maja Desgrees du Lou also attracted a great deal of interest. Desgrees du Lou, who is the policy officer responsible for the Packaging Directive, presented the Commission’s plans for revising the legislative framework. A public consultation on the revision is due to take place next month and the official Commission adoption is planned for the end of next year.

The revision will also take into account the results of a study on separate collection, which is currently being prepared by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and is expected to be completed next year.