Over 600 sustainability experts and corporate leaders took part in the edie Sustainability Leaders Forum from 2nd to 4th February. The mission of the 3-day event was to inspire courageous, collective action to solve the climate crisis.

Landbell Group was there to contribute to the more than 80 online talks and workshops that took place.

John Redmayne, managing director of Landbell Group company, ERP UK, joined the ‘Advancing the Circular Economy’ panel, where sustainability leaders discussed barriers, enablers, and opportunities for the circular economy.

The panel also tackled themes, such as circularity and the green recovery, eliminating single-use plastics, achieving environmental standards, and closing the loop in supply chains. As one of the most active recycling schemes for batteries, electronics and packaging in the UK, John was able to cite the work that ERP UK is doing to advance the circular cause.

Supply chain innovation was another major theme of the event and Dora Caria, Landbell Group’s head of circular economy engineering, hosted a session which highlighted the company’s global takeback programmes.

Dora explained the benefits of takeback for producers and showed how Landbell Group uses its worldwide reach and expertise to build effective reverse supply chains. Dora illustrated her talk with two case studies: one showed how Landbell Group manages a voluntary take-back programme for one of the world’s largest ICT producers, and the other for customers in the e-mobility sector.

The event’s global approach was also exemplified by Thomas Fischer, head of market intelligence and governmental affairs at Landbell Group. Alongside his colleague, Olga Rozhek, Thomas explained how the company’s regulatory tracking service provides numerous benefits for producers, by monitoring the latest EPR requirements in currently 140 countries on their behalf.

Olga then gave a demonstration of the company’s Knowledge Database, where all this information is managed and stored. The database will be available for access by customers from April 2021.

Moreover, by the end of this year, Landbell Group will go truly global: monitoring 180 countries in Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and the Americas.

The content from the 3 days is still available for viewing. Click here for more information.

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