ERP Denmark supports children’s book on sustainable development goals

 “The Avocado Mystery” is the 10th book about Victoria and the sustainable development goals (SDGs). In the book, young readers meet the curious 12-year-old Victoria during her activities to find out more information on the SDGs.

Landbell Group company, ERP Denmark supported the book financially and provided information on producer responsibility related to SDG #12 (responsible consumption and production).

“The youngest generation will face major challenges with the environment, if we do not make an effort to minimize waste through the collection of waste and increased recycling,” says Torben Frahm, the director of ERP Denmark.

In “The Avocado Mystery”, Victoria and her friends investigate what happens to all the waste that grown-ups are constantly throwing away. They visit a recycling centre and start taking old laptops and televisions apart with the help of the employees there. The boys eagerly unscrew the laptops when the employees explain they might be able to find gold.

“We would like to help the children to develop good habits by collecting old electronics and batteries,” Torben continued as he was surrounded by eager girls and boys during the launch of the book. 130 children were present and participated in activities like searching for gold in old laptops, go-cart racing while sorting household waste, and making paper from old newspapers.

The Danish journalist, Jesper Tornbjerg developed the concept and has so far written 10 books. He expects the books to be translated and promoted in more European countries. The books are used at schools and are supplied with teaching materials. “The Avocado Mystery” is already a great success with over 20,000 copies published in Denmark.

“The children here at the launch are quite impressive and seem to be ready to take on a big responsibility,” concludes Torben. “The two boys next to me tell me that they will make sure that their parents take used electronics to the recycling centres and they will encourage them to repair their old cell phones to make them last longer!”

Photo: Hanne Loop

Landbell Group company, ERP Denmark provides WEEE and batteries compliance
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