Does your company sell packaging or packaged goods in Slovenia?

7 June 2021

If so, please be aware that a new edition of the Packaging Decree, which was published in April, has replaced the previous one from 2006.

To close the loop on packaging materials, the new decree aims to involve all possible parties in packaging waste management and imposes extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations on foreign companies that sell packaging or packaged goods in Slovenia.

Companies based abroad must assign a Slovenian company to act as an authorized representative in the country’s territory.

In addition, a range of other measures related to information provided by packaging producers aims to clarify the fulfilment of EPR obligations and facilitate the treatment and recycling of waste. Giving information about a contract with a packaging compliance scheme on sales documents is one of these measures.

From 2022, packaging must also bear a marking to show which materials it is made of. This will help all stakeholders to classify waste correctly and improve the quality of sorting, collection and recycling processes.

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