Game-changing news for companies selling electronic goods in Georgia

6 July 2021

Georgia has recently changed the law so that producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) can only place on the market or import EEE into Georgia if they are a member of a producer compliance scheme.

When importing goods, the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia is obliged to request documents from the producer to confirm its membership of a compliance scheme.

Moreover, distributors of EEE are prohibited from placing on the market products supplied by producers that are not registered on the EPR register and are not members of a compliance scheme.

These changes stem from the following resolution which entered into force in Georgia on 19 May 2021: “Resolution on Amendment of Resolution No. 326 on Approval of Technical Regulations on the Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, 2020, No. 226.”

The provisions took effect from 1 July 2022.

Please also note:

  • Article 6.2 of the Technical Regulations is amended: by 1 June 2022, all EEE manufacturers are required to register on the EPR register.
  • The targets established in Annexe IV (separate collection) and Annexe V (recovery, reuse and recycling) will apply from 2023.

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