ERP Portugal has a new website – – for schools, shops, companies and organisations that need to recycle their electronic waste and used batteries. Private end-users can also use the website to find the collection points nearest to where they live.

This new service offers free collection of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as used batteries and accumulators. It helps to boost the circular economy by encouraging the correct treatment of these resources (and any hazardous substances that they contain) and provides secondary raw materials for new products.

The request process is simple and fast: users just need to access the website, complete a form to organize the pick-up and, if applicable, upload photographs.

The request is then sent to the ERP Portugal operations team who use their collection software to organise the whole process – from collection through to treatment – and add any new collection points to their network.

ERP Portugal currently has more than 5,500 collection points in its network, which it is looking to expand via this website. To date, the website has received approximately 500 collection requests.

Visit the website for more information and a demo video.