ERP Portugal has announced the winning projects of the Depositrão Generation schools’ campaign, which it runs in partnership with the Eco-Schools Program. The winning schools will each receive a €100 voucher to buy materials and equipment.

Throughout the 2019/2020 academic year, schools at all levels of education in Portugal were set creative challenges related to the recycling of electronic products and end-of-life batteries. Since 2008, the Depositrão Generation campaign has raised awareness of WEEE and batteries recycling and encouraged young people and their families to behave sustainably.

The schools involved submitted more than 260 works, which involved creating “domestic” Depositrão (collection containers) from reused materials for storing used batteries.

Filipa Moita, ERP Portugal PR Manager, explained: “these challenges are launched to schools with the annual waste collection activity to promote contact with them through creative experiences, with a view to preventing waste and reusing materials. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling our waste to mitigate its impacts on the planet. It is a long-term project to preserve the future for all of us and a key part of our daily work”.

To see the winning schools and their work, please click here.