Landbell Group company, ERP Norway recently acquired Serva AS, a producer responsibility organisation for waste electronics and batteries in Norway.

This merger will help both companies to achieve their shared goal of becoming the preferred partner for product-related environmental solutions in Norway.

Serva’s licence to operate a batteries compliance scheme will mean that ERP Norway can add battery-related services to its customers.

In turn, Serva’s customers will benefit from the combined services and expertise of the ERP companies across Europe – and of Landbell Group globally.

As part of the merger, Thor Svendsen (managing director and founder of Serva) and Omar Mir will be retained within the new organisation as operations manager and sales manager, respectively.

Commenting on the acquisition, Sonja Rytter, CEO of ERP Norway, said: “At ERP Norway, we have wanted to bolster our organization for a long time now. The acquisition of Serva AS strengthens our team with new employees who bring great experience and expertise in extended producer responsibility.”

Thor Svendsen also expressed his delight with the merger: “Together with ERP Norway, we see enormous potential for the business. We are really looking forward to working with our new colleagues and to increasing our market share and profitability together.”

Jan Patrick Schulz, CEO of Landbell Group, explained the wider group context of the acquisition: “At Landbell Group, our business objective is to continuously develop and improve our solutions for the benefit of the environment and our customers. The merger of ERP Norway and Serva is another important and logical step in this direction.”

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