Over the last few months, ERP Ireland has worked on a consumer awareness campaign with the Mywaste.ie information portal, Ireland’s official guide to managing waste. The portal was developed by the Regional Waste Management Planning Offices with the support of the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. 

The campaign, ‘Don’t Waste a Day!’, encourages the people of Ireland to use their time for the better, by offering tips and insights to help develop positive and easy to follow everyday habits. These practices will not only benefit lives today, but the lives of generations to come.

The campaign, which is running adverts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, will include six videos which will go out over the coming months. The first video in the series looks at what happens to electronic waste after it is recycled and the second looks at what electrical items can be recycled. To date, the campaign has had 250,000 views across all platforms.

The remaining videos all support the campaign message: “Don’t waste a day thinking about it, get recycling and make a difference!”

View the campaign and videos here.

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