The e-Waste Summit 2021 makes clear that joint effort is needed to stop e-waste

7 December 2021


Is the consumption of electrical and electronic equipment in Portugal sustainable?
Are the Portuguese aware that they can reuse and recycle small and large appliances?


These and other questions were discussed during the second e-Waste Summit, which focused on the theme of “Sustainable Consumption – Reality and Challenges”.


LG Electronics Portugal and ERP Portugal organized the summit to promote the sharing of knowledge between various sectors of society. The aim is to change the behavior of consumers regarding the consumption, use and recycling of e-waste.


The e-Waste Summit 2021 was hosted by Ruy Gil Conde, General Manager of LG Electronics Portugal, and by Rosa Monforte and Ricardo Neto, General Manager and President of ERP Portugal respectively.


The event was also attended by numerous guests from local and national government, the Portuguese Environment Agency, as well as the recycling industry.


“The reduction and recycling of e-waste must be part of a continuous and joint effort by the whole community,” explained Ruy Gil Conde who also highlighted that electronic equipment producers have a crucial role to play in promoting better management of their equipment when it reaches end-of-life. “Companies like LG have a duty to raise awareness and implement programs to collect equipment for reuse and recycling.”


“Promoting the importance of sustainable behavior is increasingly relevant to our society,” agreed Rosa Monforte. “The e-Waste Summit looks very closely at the opportunities for informing, raising awareness and educating the different target groups.”


More information on the event is available here.


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