New movie highlights shocking problem of e-waste dumped in forests

8 November 2021

A calm, beautiful and clean forest is something that we all like and expect when going on a trip to the countryside. Spending time in the fresh air soothes our nerves and helps us to relax.

Unfortunately, this experience is sometimes ruined by garbage and waste, including e-waste, tonnes of which are sadly dumped in Polish forests.

Every year, these forests spend about 20 million Polish złoty on cleaning, which is a huge amount. And, despite the threat of penalties and fines, the amount of waste is not decreasing.

That’s why Landbell Group company, ERP Poland, decided to act by making a film to highlight this problem.

In this way, ERP Poland is supporting its customers and helping to educate the public about a constant problem: e-waste that is dumped in forests.

ERP Poland asked filmmakers for ideas and one company proposed making a ‘horror’ movie to illustrate this horrible problem.

Through its treatment partners, ERP Poland delivered e-waste to the film set to be used as props, which were, of course, returned to the collection points after recording.

The shooting was challenging. The people playing the hardware monsters in the movie had to carry heavy gear on their heads, which was not comfortable.

Furthermore, just like in a real horror film, the filmmakers were surprised by a summer night storm. Unfortunately, it lasted until dawn, so the movie that was supposed to be shot at night was filmed in the early morning. This will be noticeable to a skilled viewer!

By highlighting the problem in a funny and scary way, ERP Poland wants the film to have maximum impact on the Internet. To build reach and stop the illegal dumping of waste, they invite everyone to share and like the film, which is available on ERP Poland’s social media channels.

For more information, visit the ERP Poland website.

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