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Landbell Group joins project to prevent marine litter in North Africa

Together with nine other partners, Landbell Group will support the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety of Germany (BMU) in preventing marine litter in North Africa.

The project will specifically target four countries on the Mediterranean Sea: Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia.

These countries have thriving tourism sectors that also generate significantly high amounts of waste. This waste is now acting as a repellent for the tourism sector due to the growing eco-awareness of travellers who expect to see beautiful landscapes.

The priority of the project is to investigate the quantities and main sources of marine litter in tourist destinations. It will propose sustainable solutions for waste management, including the development of legal framework, organizational structures, financial tools, capacity building and technical advice – and will be designed as a pilot for potential national roll-out.

The goal of the mission is to decrease the amount of solid waste generated and to avoid the discharge of marine litter on the coast.

The 10-member consortium, consisting of academia, think-tanks and private entities, is led by the University of Rostock. Landbell Group will support all project deliverables and contribute its core competence: the development of sustainable financing systems and EPR concepts.

To embed the project in the scope countries and implement the results, the project team will work closely with local public partners, including ministries, research institutes and the waste management sector.

The assignment will be realized within the Grant Programme against Marine Litter 2020 of the BMU. The contracted timeframe is 3 years.

For more information, please contact us.

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