Clients in Portugal can now find sustainability support: ERP Portugal and Novo Verde launch the “Parceiro Sustentável” programme

6 September 2021

In July, ERP Portugal and Novo Verde launched the “Parceiro Sustentável” programme which helps clients to highlight their environmental achievements. It also helps them to develop and promote sustainable practices to their own customers, partners and employees. Parceiro sustentável is Portuguese for “sustainable partner”.

“At UHU, sustainability is more than a concern, it’s a commitment. Over the years, UHU has worked to present new solutions in several areas, such as production, packaging and social responsibility. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to join Novo Verde’s Sustainable Partner Program, as this initiative meets our corporate and social goals”, said Cristina Novais, National Sales Manager Stationery at UHU.

Ricardo Neto, President of ERP Portugal and Novo Verde explained the motivation behind the programme: “In addition to the importance of sharing various environmental concerns, this is an important step for us in strengthening the relationships with our customers and potential customers. We are going beyond the basics to become truly sustainable partners.”

The programme offers customers a wide range of digital tools and resources, including:

  • Templates for social media channels
  • 1-minute videos explaining resource management for WEEE, batteries and packaging
  • Stamps to identify the company as a sustainable partner

Novo Verde manages the tools and resources for packaging waste and ERP Portugal does the same for electronic goods and batteries. Companies wishing to join the programme can do so via the dedicated websites:

In further news, ERP Portugal has obtained a license to install a WEEE and batteries consolidation centre in the Lisbon region. The 5,000 square meter unit, which is almost ready to start operations, will manage at least 3,000 tons of WEEE and 200 tons of batteries each year.

Rosa Monforte, general director of ERP Portugal said: “the licensing of the WEEE consolidation centre – the first managed by a compliance scheme in Portugal – will give us greater control of waste. It will also mean that we can ensure increased traceability of waste for our members.”

Landbell Group companies, ERP Portugal and Novo Verde provide WEEE, batteries and packaging compliance for producers in Portugal.