Brazil is taking its first steps in managing waste electronics and packaging – and we are proud to be accompanying them on this challenging journey 

After nine years of intensive work, Landbell Group company, ERP Brazil has won a contract with ABREE (the main WEEE compliance scheme in Brazil) to manage waste electronics in Brazil. Work has already begun in preparation for the contract, which officially starts on 1st October 2021.

Given the size of the country, the management of electronic waste will be divided between ERP and ABREE.

ERP Brazil will be responsible for managing 13 of the 27 Brazilian states, in addition to 70 municipalities in the state of São Paulo.

ERP Brazil has also recently established a partnership with ABREE and the Brazilian association of cardboard waste operators to manage a packaging compliance scheme throughout Brazil, with the aim of collecting 30,000 tonnes of packaging waste annually.

Sérgio Mauricio, President of ABREE, commented: “It’s a privilege to count on Landbell Group’s expertise around the world supporting the first steps of WEEE management in Brazil. ABREE began this journey in 2021 and the partnership with ERP Brazil will certainly speed the process up. We are looking forward to delivering outstanding results and to building a more sustainable world.”

Ricardo Neto, head of ERP Brazil, explained: “I want to thank the team that has worked so hard on this journey. This success shows once again that the waste management capabilities of Landbell Group are globally recognized. Now is the time to work together with Brazilian stakeholders to develop the WEEE and packaging compliance industry.”

Brazil is taking its first steps in managing these types of waste. As the country does not yet have the necessary infrastructure, ERP Brazil is facing a huge challenge: it will need to install 3,046 receiving centres in 250 cities, covering more than 75 million inhabitants.

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